A father...  a son... a painful journey with a tragic ending.  Christopher's story will linger in your heart and mind long after you have finished reading it!
‚Äč  >  Debra McDonald - Librarian

This family's harrowing experiences grab your heart and expose the tremendous deficiencies that still exist in the American mental health system.  
   >  Janet Ray - AP English Teacher

Part biography, part social commentary, part cold case, a compelling tale of the author's descent into his son's problems and the madness of the country's mental health system.
   >  Neil Mason - Neil Mason Executive Search

A compelling and emotional story which provided stimulating insights into america's mental health system and one family's efforts to get it right.  Great interest in following the struggles and outcomes.  
   > Robert Beller M.S. - Licensed Psychologist

If you think you've read it all about mental health, sacrifice, human development or dads and sons, you haven't.  'Christopher's Story ' is engagingly detailed, sad, honest, funny, emotional and balanced.  You won't be disappointed - once you pick it up,  it won't hit hit your night stand until you've finished.
   > Robert Biscontini - School Counselor/Psychologist

In my 35 years as a public school special needs teacher, I have witnessed much of the despair of which Dr. Rubisch writes.  Should be required reading for anyone who has any contact with a special needs child.
   > Bruce Searfoss - Retired Special Needs Teacher, Athletic Coach