The Main Characters

Rhett Dixon - Known for his school spirit, he gets thrust into the role as school president through a series of unlikely circumstances. Can he make the year Mill River’s best and just possibly not its last? 

Champ Trammell - Some say that he is the greatest athlete in school history.  Others say that his father is. Whatever the case, Champ lives with his mother and despises his alcoholic father. Twenty-(ve years later Champ is confronted with the same dilemma that his father faced as an athlete. Will he make the same mistake?

Holly Henry- Smart, popular, and good-looking, she belongs to a number of activities with her favorite being the school newspaper. Girlfriend of Champ Trammell, she is one half of Mill River's favorite couple. She is very happy with their relationship—or is she?

Mousey Brown - The Mouse is on a mission: after failing miserably in last year's basketball playo/ loss, she wants to make up for it her senior year. Can she balance basketball with her other love, science? And what does she do when the opportunity for a relationship presents itself in the form of her best friend’s boyfriend?

Jack Billet - lives by himself over top of the garage where he works. He struggles just to get by while attending Mill River and Vo-tech where he is in auto mechanics. His uncle died the previous year leaving him with just one thing: the fastest car in the area.

Cy Freeman - The smartest kid there ever was. Cy is short for encyclopedia. The new principal dislikes him. Cy has a tendency to engage in pranks that frequently mis(re and get him in trouble. Will he be the first valedictorian to be on juvenile probation?

The Mystery Man - he lives on the other side of the country and is a millionaire many times over. He reads about the closing of Mill River High School on the internet. There is an unknown connection between himself and Mill River in the dark, distant past. What is it and why would he care about what is happening now?
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